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WhatsApp Instant Win, Leevia's new tool for creating WhatsApp prize contests easily and instantly!

22 September 2022
The simplicity of Instant Win and the speed of Whatsapp in one tool: Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win is the tool for engaging and rewarding customers at the speed of a message.

We have created a product to engage people on the world's most widely used instant messaging app: here’s introducing you to WhatsApp Instant Win, Leevia's new tool that allows you to run a prize contest on WhatsApp, generate quality leads and return value to users in real time!

How does Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win work?

Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win makes it possible to manage prize contests in an automated way thanks to the use of a chatbot. Message texts, images and the way prizes are awarded
are customisable and manageable from backend.

Once the WhatsApp Business profile linked to the contest is reached, the user can see the result of his or her participation in the contest in just a few steps:

  1. sends a message to activate the chatbot
  2. receives a customisable and automated welcome response
  3. accepts the privacy policy and receives the result of his or her participation

Want to try Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win? Scan the QR Code!

Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win is totally GDPR compliant; the data are saved on Italian servers and this ensures that the contest is completely in accordance with the law.

Leevia WhatsApp Instant Win is only the first of a series of Whatsapp products currently being developed, designed to help companies dialogue with their customers on Italy’s most
popular messaging platform, used by over 33 million users.


Leevia is a company specialised in engagement services. It is a member of the Advice Group, which offers more than 20 different types of contests that can be activated cross country and are built on a Plug & Play platform.

"With Leevia, we are implementing engagement solutions that ensure companies maintain a constant connection with their customers at every stage of their customer journey. WhatsApp products also meet consumers' expectations because they enable them to adopt a familiar touchpoint in their voluntary interaction with the brand. This approach is totally in line with new loyalty parameters: the promotion of democratic and inclusive relationships aimed at the entire customer base"
Fulvio Furbatto, Founder and CEO of Advice Group
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