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People. Value. Recognition.

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Know your

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Believe in
their value.

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Enjoy the

Our Pillars


People: The individual is at the centre of all digital activity


Value: Unexpressed value is the goal to be identified and stimulated


Recognition: Recognising potential and returning an opportunity to the user in real time

Advice Group logo Advice Group logo
Advice Group logo Advice Group logo
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Behavioral Loyalty

Behavioral loyalty is the constant attention of the brand for the user which permits increasing the value of the relationship and recognising the user in all his or her journeys, giving him or her back personalised benefits and experiences.
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Our Martech Properties
Behavioural loyalty allows the brand to engage the entire customer base and/or supply chain through real time analysis of user behaviour.
"Loyalty is an attitude of the company towards the people it addresses"
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Advice Lab

We accompany companies through the present and future challenges of data management and data monetization.

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OGR Tech: the international community to connect and get inspired.

Advice Group joins Turin-based technology and innovation hub OGR Tech

OGR Tech is one of the biggest and most important innovation hubs in Italy. Headquartered in the premises of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, in the very heart of Turin, OGR Tech is the place to make connections and get inspired, a competitive and cutting-edge innovation hub that is home to businesses operating in a wide range of industries including AI, smart mobility, gaming and blockchain.

Behavioral loyalty starts again from Zero Party Data

User trust is the new oil of the data economy

In the IT sector, there is this intangible feeling that user profiles are mere commodities that brands exchange. We want to clarify the concept of behavioral marketing in the digital jungle of big data.

Surviving the cookie apocalypse

The revolution starts from scratch

Since the end of last year they have become a hassle. Zero, first, second and third party data are the new nightmare for marketing managers.

“What does it mean to do loyalty today?”
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Awards & CSR

In the last 3 years Advice has received more than 20 national and international awards thanks to projects carried out for different industries: from FMCG to Utility and Sport.

ANA International Echo Awards



Client: Sorgenia | Greeners


Promotion Awards

Best Gamification Project


Client: Snaitech S.p.A. | SN4IFUN


IMC European Awards

Brand Loyalty


Client: Sorgenia | Greeners


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